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Update of NGS WIZARD 1.5.1

Sat, 08/21/2021 - 09:53

A new version of NGS Wizard 1.5.1 was released. The following additional features have emerged in this product:

  • To load user files for annotation, i.e. in this version user can annotate found variants with any user-generated data;
  • To work with phenotypes from Human Phenotype Ontology ( User can search for phenotypes, filter by their associated genes, create gene panels based on phenotypes;
  • The updated Variant Viewer for prioritization and filtering tool allows you to add, hide and move annotation columns.

Previously available NGS Wizard features have been improved:

  • The Pipeline was upgraded in order to detect copy-number variants in sample with low sequencing depth;
  • Annotation of variants with OMIM, ClinVar and gnomAD databases was improved;
  • Annotation databases versions were updated;
  • Multiple improvements were made to all modules.

You can get free trial access to the application at

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Genomenal is a platform that includes high-tech new generation software for processing genomic data (NGS Wizard), computer vision tools for the analysis of MRI, CT, images from electron microscopes and radiography (Bormental), application for predicting functional domains in amino acids sequences (Protomenal), a neural network-based method for modeling the effect of substances and therapies on heterogeneous tumors (iCanTreat). Genomenal platform is a flagship development of Novel Software Systems.
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