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Bioinformatics has never been easier

Automated processing and annotation of NGS data
Professional software that does not require special skills to use

Advantages of NGS Wizard


NGS Wizard is not tied to a certain sequencer and will process data from various platforms: Illumina, Oxford Nanopore, Ion Torrent, SeqLL, BGI. Recognition of the platform and data types will be automatics.

Ability to deploy the software package on the client's servers

The program is available through a web browser. Data is stored in Germany datacenter in accordance with the strict European data protection regulations. It is possible to store data on internal servers of an organization so the data doesn’t leave its perimeter.

technical processing, quickly, track the process, analyze
Acceleration and learning

Thanks to NGS Wizard, one can reduce the time for technical data processing several times. The program offers a wide range of tools for professional bioinformatics with the ability to step-by-step track the entire analysis process and perform analysis according to its own pipeline.

Deep automation
Deep automation

Based on special AI algorithms developed by Novel. The program can be used by people without special knowledge in the technical analysis of genomic data - doctors, scientists, bio-engineers and even common people.

Specialized one click reports

The reports show clinically significant variants for a given nosology and incidental findings for other nosologies; targeted drugs of categories A, B, as well as C, D, E; mutation rates from internal database and errors of serial effects; Recommended clarifications of the diagnosis based on the pattern of mutations; mutational load (for tumors) and more.

Interface of NGS Wizard
All patients on one page

The user-friendly interface demonstrates the complete picture of patients and their data in any browser.

Different pipelines

State of the art, proven tools allow the search for point mutations, short indels, copy number changes, and structural variation for tumors and hereditary specimens.

Variant viewer

A special tool allows to filter and prioritize found options and annotate them with a large amount of information from professional databases.


Variant interpretation can be carried out directly in the application, evaluating all the necessary facts, including the ACMG criteria, and creating your own comments on the variants.

Scientific articles search

All abstracts of articles from PubNed and GoogleScholar are instantly loaded for a specific variant. Build your own library of articles and citations!

Reports for selected nosologies

Reports provide a detailed and concise genetic picture of pathology, including variants with high clinical significance, recommended drugs, and links to clinical trials.

Aneuploidies definition

A special module for preimplantation genetic testing allows to identify aneuploidy and get a clear answer and a graphical report.

Custom annotations

Create your own database of genetic findings, annotate each patient with any of your own information

NGS Wizard scope

Basic functionality

Allows to find mutations and genomic polymorphisms and annotate them using connected databases for scientific research.
Users are BioTech companies, academic organizations, experimental medicine organizations, universities.

Hereditary Disease Module

Allows to find mutations and provide statistical estimates of the development of diseases. Users are Academics, experimental medicine organizations, prenatal genetic testing clinics, as well as insurance companies and individual consumers.

Oncology Module

Interprets all mutations in the tumor and/or blood, helps doctors to clarify the diagnosis and prescribe targeted therapy for cancer patients, as well as optimize the course of treatment. The module will be expanded . Users are oncology clinics, experimental medicine organizations.

Preimplantation Diagnostic Module

Allows to identify aneuploidies and other chromosomal rearrangements in samples when sequencing whole-genome DNA with low coverage. Users are clinics providing prenatal / preimplantation diagnostics and IVF services.

Metagenomic Module

Determines the composition of bacteria and viruses in a sample of saliva, soil, food, and provides information of their pathogenicity. Users are- monitoring organizations and BioTech companies.

On the roadmap
Disease Risk Assessment Module

Provides qualitative statistical assessments of the development of diseases and predicts the physiological properties of the genome’s owner. D2C users are- the segment for individual consumers. B2B users are insurance companies and public health systems.

On the roadmap
Pharmacogenetics Module

Displays a list of drugs that are contraindicated for a carrier of genomic polymorphism data. Users are individual consumers, pharmacies, public health systems.

On the roadmap
If the existing modules do not meet the requirements, we are always open for cooperation. Our programmers and bioinformaticians are ready to develop individual pipelines for your data.


New version of NGS Wizard 2.1.0

Main changes in NGS Wizard version 2.1.0:

New version of NGS Wizard 1.9.5

Major updates for NGS Wizard 1.9.5:

New version of NGS Wizard 1.9.0

The main changes in NGS Wizard ver. 1.9.0:

Updates in new version of NGS Wizard 1.8.0
  • Analysis pipeline is substantially reworked and improved.
NGS Wizard is in Russian Software Registry
The flagship product of our company NGS Wizard was registered in the unified register of Russian software.
NGS Wizard 1.7.0

In the newly released version of NGS Wizard 1.7.0 you can:

Regional Ministry of Education and Science supports the development of the Genomenal platform

A new module of the Genomenal platform for assessing polygenic risks of common diseases will be developed in cooperat

Genomenal in the TOP-46 rating of the best startups and big data companies in Russia

The British edition of Data Magazine, owned by the London media company Fupping LTD, based on information from Crunch

Update of NGS WIZARD 1.5.1

A new version of NGS Wizard 1.5.1 was released. The following additional features have emerged in this product:


The advantages of NGS Wizard.

User-friendly interface, modern tools, detailed data processing pipelines. Different reports can be created for various nosologies, unlike universal programs. The program starts automatically and all the processing stages pass independently before getting the result; there is no need to start and control every step.

How long does the installation process take?

The program is available in the cloud and does not require installation, you just need to create an account. It can be deployed to client servers, then the process can take several hours.

Do I have to obtain deep bioinformatic skills to work with the NGS Wizard?

No additional qualifications are required to work with the NGS Wizard.The program can be used by anyone - a doctor, a student, a specialist with no experience in medical genetics.

Which sequencer data can be processed in NGS WIzard?

You can now process data from Illumina and BGI/MGI equipment. The program is not tied to a specific platform and will further process data from other sequencers.

In what format can the data be loaded and do I need to preprocess it?

It is possible to upload readings directly from the sequencer in FASTQ format, mapping in SAM/BAM format or genetic variants in VCF format without any additional processing.

Can I create my own data processing pipelines?

Now it is possible to configure and customize existing pipelines directly to NGS WIzard, but we are ready to create any pipeline according to your order as an exclusive or public module.

Does NGS Wizard have pipelines for processing RNA-seq experiments and other types of analysis of genetic material?

At the moment, pipelines for processing somatic and germinal point variants (SNV), indels, copy number changes (CNV) and structural genome variations (SV) are supported, however, we are ready to offer the development of any pipeline in a short time.

Can large sample flows be analyzed automatically?

The number of simultaneously processed samples is limited only by the existing computing power, and the customized automatic bioinformatics processing process can be applied to any batch of samples in automatic mode.

Can I study an NGS Wizard in details and convey my wishes?

Yes, a fully functional trial version of NGS Wizard is provided free of charge and we will be glad to take into account your wishes in the development of the platform. Upon request, we will conduct a detailed presentation of the platform and answer all the questions.

How much does NGS Wizard cost?

Processing of genomic data using the NGS Wizard is possible both online (in cloud) and on the client’s server. We offer flexible options for different tasks.

In-cloud sequencing data analysis

Cloud platform for automated processing and annotation of NGS data. Prices on demand

Data type
Sequencing type
Gene panel
19 $
49 $
69 $
Structural variations
19 $
Gene panel
19 $
69 $
149 $
Low-pass WGS
49 $
Other license
Installing the NGS Wizard software in the perimeter of the organization for genomic data analysis
Novel software systems
Genomenal is a platform that includes high-tech new generation software for processing genomic data (NGS Wizard), computer vision tools for the analysis of MRI, CT, images from electron microscopes and radiography (Bormental), application for predicting functional domains in amino acids sequences (Protomenal), a neural network-based method for modeling the effect of substances and therapies on heterogeneous tumors (iCanTreat). Genomenal platform is a flagship development of Novel Software Systems.
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