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Updates in new version of NGS Wizard 1.8.0

Mon, 05/16/2022 - 14:56
  • Analysis pipeline is substantially reworked and improved.

    It is now faster and more precise. Improvements were achieved by using updated version of GATK, bwa-mem2, and revisiting mechanisms of raw read filtration and other steps of the pipeline. Precision was controlled using benchmarks shared by Genome In a Bottle and SEQC-2.

  • Persistent custom pathogenicity classes.

    Variants marked as pathogenic while working on an arbitrary sample, will be marked as pathogenic in other samples automatically. Moreover it is possible to upload pathogenic variants in bulk to use later in annotation pipeline.

  • Improvements of basic filtering mode in Variant Viewer.

    Panel of basic filter is now customizable. It allows to use several new filtering creteria. Multiselection is now enabled in the fields where it is possible.

  • Customizable UI features.

    User can adjust several interface features. For example, hide variant details panel in Variant Viewer, customize navigation panel etc.
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Genomenal is a platform that includes high-tech new generation software for processing genomic data (NGS Wizard), computer vision tools for the analysis of MRI, CT, images from electron microscopes and radiography (Bormental), application for predicting functional domains in amino acids sequences (Protomenal), a neural network-based method for modeling the effect of substances and therapies on heterogeneous tumors (iCanTreat). Genomenal platform is a flagship development of Novel Software Systems.
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